Your Daily Edited

Inspired by the simplicity of daily rituals, the new collection embodies timeless design and has been expertly crafted to prioritise practicality without compromising elegance. The new Essentials range is fashioned from high-quality recycled leather material, marking a defining moment for our brand as we showcase a new era of design that celebrates both style and sustainability. The result is a range of iconic handbags, which exude a time-honoured elegance and add value to any wardrobe.

The Inspiration

Contemporary art, sculpture, and painting informed the design lines of each style. Drawing on the simplicity and elegance of modern art, each piece showcases its own unique and eye-catching design. The lines and shapes of the bags were carefully crafted to resemble the art of sculpture, while the colour schemes are drawn from the use of colour in painting. The result is a collection of handbags that are not just functional and sustainable, but also artistic and timeless.