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What colours can you emboss in?

We primarily monogram our products in gold, silver, and blind emboss (meaning we indent the leather without leaving colour), but we can also emboss in a range of other colours (guide included below) if requested prior to making your order.

For further information on alternate colour options, or to request a different colour prior to purchasing, you can contact our team here.

What fonts do you emboss in?

We currently offer 2 different fonts for embossing, plus emojis:

  • Serif (our classic style font)
  • Sans Serif (a block style font)

What size fonts do you offer?

For embossing, we offer two font sizes: 24pt, and 36pt.

24pt font is perfect for smaller items (such as our cardholders, phone cases, luggage tags), and 36pt looks great on our larger items (such as our pouches, clutches, bags). On select larger bags (such as our overnight and weekender bags) we offer 60pt.

In most of our example products on our site, we have monogrammed in size 24pt font. You are able to view the different sizes on our products by typing your monogram into the monogram field in any of our items.

Please note that for our digital printing fonts, we will scale the font size to fit the item depending on how many letters / symbols etc you have ordered to have added to your item.

How many letters can I have embossed on my item?

For our classic Serif, Sans Serif and standard emojis and symbols, you can have up to four characters embossed on each of our items free of charge with your purchase. Please note that for some of our smaller pieces such as our luggage tags and small card cases, we can only physically fit two-three characters of standard personalisation.

If you would like to emboss more than four characters on your item, we can emboss up to an additional 5 – 10 characters for a service fee of $30 per item. Please note, a space is considered a character. The number of letters we can add is constrained by the size of the item.

If you would like more than 10 characters, please contact us here and we can assist you.

For our digital printing font options, (excluding Logomania & Logomania POP) you can have up to four characters applied for $10 (Logomania & Logomania POP is two characters for $50). If you would like more than four characters on your item, there will be a service fee of $30, and we are able to fit as many characters onto the item as physically possible.

Is personalisation free?

Our personalisation fees are as noted below:

Serif & Sans Serif fonts

1 - 4 characters = Free
5 - 10 characters = $30
Additional line = $5

Digital printing:
Bold Serif, Racer, Varsity, Shadow, Cursive Medium Heart, Chiselled, Plantasia fonts

1 - 4 characters = $10
5 - 10 characters = $30

Logomania, Logomania POP fonts

2 characters: $50

What products can I personalise with digital printing?

Currently, you can personalise our iPhone Cases, Noah range, and Arc Leather Bag Straps with our digital printing font styles. It’s a fun, bold look for your favourite accessories!

My personalisation is wearing off, what can I do?

If you are located in Australia and the monogram on your product is fading, please contact us here and our team will be able to provide you with instructions as to how your item can be re-monogrammed.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide this service to our international customers.