Carefully Considered

Thoughtful bags to support you through your 24/7 lifestyle.

We have developed a select number of carefully considered styles made from our Renewed Leather. Each design is unique and has a focus on functionality while keeping a modern and timeless aesthetic throughout all shapes.

The Material

Through the process of repurposing leather scraps, extracting fibres, cutting patterns and constructing each new piece, this is a look at the Renewed Leather process.

Renewed Leather is a beautifully textured and recycled leather that celebrates a new frontier of innovation and sustainability. Composed of over 60% recycled leather and microfiber, this composite material is certified in meeting Global Recycled Standards (GRS) as has been granted a Transaction Certificate (TC), which ensures high standards and accuracy in the leather’s production process. Durable, luxurious, and mindfully crafted, our AW23 Essentials Collection is the perfect homage to this exciting sustainable leather.